Wandercraft launches new generation exoskeleton investigation

Wandercraft is a medical device company based in Paris. We developed Atalante, the first self-balanced lower limbs exoskeleton. It enables walking impaired individuals to walk autonomously. Since the commercialization of Atalante in Europe, we have already equipped 6 European Hospitals and enabled hundreds of patients to stand up and walk.Our team is currently working on a new version, for personal use, which would significantly improve the daily life of millions of individuals living with walking impairment. In order for this exoskeleton to be really close to their needs, we have launched this study :

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Wandercraft, pioneer of walking robotics

Founded in 2012, Wandercraft is a French company, a pioneer of realistic and autonomous walking exos. The team has a lead of several years in dynamic walking algorithms, artificial intelligence and technologies related to walking robotics.The development of a personal exoskeleton is also underway with the aim, within a few years, of improving the mobility of millions of people with reduced mobility, at home and in their daily lives.Wandercraft distributes its exoskeletons to health institutions and is developing a personal version. It has received numerous awards and its ambition is supported by prestigious investors.Wandercraft fulfills the promise of robotics to offer an Ordinary Life to Extraordinary

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