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Intuitive Use

Short training & familiarization

Atalante is designed to minimize training time for both patient and therapist.

For the therapist
Easy to use, the exoskeleton helps you optimize the rehabilitation sessions, spending minimal effective rehabilitation time on setup and training.
• Easy < 3 minutes donning and doffing
• One-handed adjustable strap attachment and tensioning
• Two sets of removable batteries enabling continuous use

For the patient
Atalante is self-balanced, hands-free with adjustable levels of assistance, and requires minimal training time for patients. 90% SCI patients could stand and 100% could walk autonomously at first use with light to moderate exertion*, as described by patients.

*Clinical data enclosed at Wandercraft.

Adjustable settings

Atalante’s adjustable assistance feature empowers the therapist to personalize the therapy sessions in real time, while managing the patient’s effort and impairment.
This technique promises to maximize patient effort and engagement by minimizing the level of assistance provided by the exo as much as possible while still enabling patients to achieve the desired motions.

Step length and step cadence
Atalante’s remote control platform AGUI provides easily adjustable step length and step cadence to fit every patient need. Personalize your therapy sessions in real time based on movement data collected by the exo, while managing the patient’s effort and impairment. This mode enables a more fluid and continuous gait.

Atalante’s adjustable offset was engineered for the clinicians to adjust the patient’s posture during walking, and meet each person’s unique stance goal"

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