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"We knew we wanted to be a medical device company from day one, and we built Wandercraft into one. The technological prowess is what amazes everyone at the first glance, but it is what this prowess achieves that really drives us: offering the best therapeutical solution both for patients and their therapists. Wandercraft will not stop until every patients get the rehabilitation and autonomy he deserves"

Matthieu Masselin, CEO

2010 - 2016

In 2010, Nicolas Simon was chairman of the robotics club at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. Having very close relatives with walk impairment, he started working on one of the Holy Grails of robotics: how to get a biped robot to walk like a human, in a self-stabilized manner. At the time, and still today, only a handful of walking robots are capable of realistic humanoid walk - and all are expensive, one-of-a-kind prototypes.

Nicolas designed the first concept for a real-life exoskeleton that would truly walk. He founded Wandercraft in 2012 with two classmate roboticists, Alexandre Boulanger, soon joined by Matthieu Masselin, now Wandercraft’s CEO. They were assisted by a serial entrepreneur and father of a walking impaired boy, Jean-Louis Constanza, who joined the operating team a few years later.

The founders gradually gathered a team of scientists and engineers around one mission: leveraging state of the art dynamic walk robotics to help walking impaired people regain mobility. Step by step, the WanderTeam integrated robotic dynamic walk algorithms into a lower limb exoskeleton capable of emulating human self-balanced walk.

“The team is everything. We strive to attract the A players in each field we invest into. We pride ourselves as being the best walk robotic team in the exoskeleton industry. We value scientific excellence which is why we partner with the best academic teams such as Jessy Grizzle's at Umich and Aaron Ames' at Caltech.”

Nicolas Simon, Chairman of the board

2017 - Today

In 2017, we conducted world premiere clinical trials with the first protoypes of the exo, showing that paraplegic persons could walk hands-free, without crutches.

The proof of concept device evolved into Atalante, our first commercial exoskeleton, that was CE marked in 2019. Atalante is used today in a rapidly growing number of European rehabilitation hospitals and helps stroke or SCI patients in gait re-learning.

We are working hard on expanding outside Europe. Research exoskeletons have already been sold in the US and FDA submission is planned for 2021.

“Our investors are essential members of the team. We work on the forefront of both robotics and medicine, our business requires those rare investors who understand healthcare, deep tech and hard tech. In exchange for their vision and advice, we provide them with real-time, exhaustive information.”

Jean-Louis Constanza, Chief Business

Leadership team

Wandercraft gradually attracted experienced managers who helped us grow
from a start-up company to an industrial player

Nicolas Simon
Chairman of the board
Matthieu Masselin
CEO, Command
Jean-Louis Constanza
CMO, Strategy
Ingrid Barba Izquierdo
Vincent Philippon
Fabien Expert


"What I like about Wandercraft is developing a useful product for patients and therapists. We are fortunate to be able to engage with patients and healthcare professionals, and build tailored solutions to their challenges, within a fast development cycle. In the command department, we can very easily try out our new algorithms on prototypes in the test room. The technical challenges are there, but above all, we know why we get up every morning!"

Marine Pétriaux - Control-Command engineer

"Developing a truly useful, extraordinary product that combines my passion for both robotics and healthcare, that is my job at Wandercraft‘"

Jean-Louis Kana - Junior Control Engineer

"After 25 years of sales and management in the medical device industry, I have rarely felt that I actively participated in improving the well being of patients... At Wandercraft, I often feel an enormous satisfaction in working in a company whose DNA is to give meaning to the lives of all patients who suffer from walking impairment."

Patrick Berart - Business Development

"I like the idea of not knowing, of being surrounded by brilliant minds who also don't know and who, when brought together, are able to do things you didn't think were possible. I feel like I'm on the front lines, seeing the instructive failures, the jolts, the unexpected successes, the twists and turns along the way that are turning a simple idea into a solution for our patients"

Fabien Expert - CTO

"My motivation to be part of Wandercraft is three-fold: solving complex real-life problems in order to build a useful product, working with brilliant and dedicated teammates, and thriving in a diverse and healthy workplace environment."

Antonio El Khoury - Control systems team leader

"I work at Wandercraft because I want to create cutting-edge technology that is concretely useful to people."

Gabriele Buondonno - Ingénieur R&D Contrôle Commande

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